Bring A Lawsuit After A Misdiagnosis Has Had Serious Consequences

When a patient presents worrisome symptoms to a family physician or specialist, that person rightly expects that the doctor will use his or her expertise to diagnose and treat the underlying illness, whether it is cancer, meningitis or an impending heart attack or stroke.

With a wrong medical diagnosis, however, patients sometimes fall through the cracks. Doctors ignore key complaints or fail to review test results, including EKGs, Pap smears and other lab results.

If your illness worsened or if your family member in Toledo or Sylvania or elsewhere died because of a doctor’s failure to diagnose cancer or any other serious illness, enlist the help of a skilled medical malpractice lawyer. The Law Offices of Gary Osborne & Associates welcomes your inquiry. Initial consultations are free.

The Consequences Of A Diagnostic Error Can Change Your Life Forever

The consequences of careless misdiagnosis of a serious illness can be devastating, since time is often of the essence. Breast cancer that is caught in its early stages can often be successfully treated through a combination of radiation, chemotherapy and surgical removal of tumors. On the other hand, breast cancer that goes undetected may metastasize and become life-threatening.

It is a bitter reality to accept that a life has been cut short unnecessarily because of a wrong diagnosis. In addition, illness or premature death of a family member inevitably places heavy financial burdens on a family, including medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of a breadwinner’s income and other costs. For this reason, medical malpractice attorneys work to hold accountable those physicians and lab technicians whose negligence has resulted in suffering for a patient whose serious condition went untreated.

Fighting For Patient Rights

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