Legal Remedies For Your Baby Harmed By Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is caused by stretching of the neck and shoulder nerves during birth when the baby’s shoulder gets stuck during delivery. This is particularly common for large babies that should have been delivered by cesarean section. Unfortunately, it is frequently doctor’s negligence during pregnancy or delivery that causes the nerve injury. In most cases, if the physician had provided reasonable care, the child would not be suffering from Erb’s palsy.

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Erb’s palsy can result from:

  • Failing to diagnose maternal diabetes or gestational diabetes (which frequently results in the birth of large babies)
  • Not performing ultrasounds or other tests to detect the size of the baby
  • The doctor failing to perform a necessary C-section
  • The physician using excessive force when delivering a stuck baby
  • The doctor using improper techniques or failing to take necessary precautions in a vacuum or forceps extraction

Regardless of the condition, recovery of compensation in a medical malpractice lawsuit is important for the family. Not only does it enable you to hold the doctors responsible for their negligent conduct, but also the compensation can provide the financial resources your family will need to obtain adequate medical care for the child.

Symptoms Of Erb’s Palsy

There are different types of brachial plexus injuries and Erb’s palsy, and each has unique symptoms depending on the severity of the injury. However, the more common symptoms include weakness in the affected arm, limited or no movement in the affected arm, and inability to raise the arm.

For most infants suffering from Erb’s palsy, there is light at the end of the tunnel. After months or even years of treatment (professional treatment as well as home treatment), the condition will eventually dissipate. However, for others, the condition will be permanent — with full or partial paralysis of the arm, shoulder, hands or fingers.

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