Legal Support For Families In Pursuit Of Justice After A Birth Injury

Errors committed by medical professionals during the birthing process can result in lifelong injury and heartache. Fortunately these mistakes are infrequent, but when they occur, the results are often devastating to both baby and family.

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Birth Injuries Will Have An Impact On A Family Forever

We are well-aware of the many challenges that a birth injury brings to a family. We are also familiar with what it takes to prove the negligence of an OB-BYN, midwife, nurse or any other health care provider in these difficult and complex cases. Preventable errors that often result in serious birth injuries include:

  • Fetal distress: Failure to monitor for and recognize signs of fetal distress (signs that the baby is suffering from hypoxic injury as a result of not getting enough oxygen) and promptly deliver by cesarean section can result in serious permanent brain damage, cerebral palsy and sometimes death.
  • Shoulder dystocia: Failure to recognize that the baby is too large for vaginal delivery, or too vigorous attempts at delivery when the baby’s shoulders are stuck, can result in serious permanent injury to the nerves controlling the arm (Erb’s palsy), resulting in loss of function.
  • Forceps/vacuum extractors: Misuse of forceps and vacuum extractors at birth can result in serious permanent injury to fragile skulls and brains.
  • Diabetes: Failure to diagnose gestational diabetes during the mother’s pregnancy can result in the birth of very large babies that have a greater risk of injury during the birthing process.

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If your child suffered an injury in the delivery room, an experienced birth injury attorney can help you evaluate whether preventable errors occurred in the management of the pregnancy or birth. While it is always better to evaluate these cases as soon as possible, your child may have until his or her 19th birthday to bring suit, so do not assume that you have waited too long.

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