How Do Radiology Errors Occur?

When patients require radiology work, they expect that the results of the tests will be correctly read and interpreted. When radiologists fail to meet their duty of care, the consequences for the patient can be devastating.

When a CT scan, X-ray, MRI, mammogram or ultrasound is performed, radiologists and doctors usually interpret the results correctly. At times, however, they look at the images, but fail to see the problem. Another possible cause of a radiology error is when a radiologist sees something life-threatening but fails to report it. When a life-threatening condition is detected, the radiologist must report the condition to the primary care physician immediately. In some cases, rather than immediately reporting it, the radiologist simply notes the condition in the radiology report, resulting in delayed treatment and possibly a serious injury or death.

The Law Offices of Gary Osborne & Associates represents victims injured by all types of medical malpractice, including radiology errors. Our attorneys aggressively investigate cases and determine whether the radiologist, doctor or the hospital itself may be liable for injuries.

We Pursue Complex Cases

Laboratories are supposed to operate efficiently and be a useful aid in the treatment of patients. At times, however, laboratory workers make mistakes that result in serious consequences for the patients who depend on accurate lab work.

Our experienced Ohio lawyers handle a variety of laboratory error cases, including:

  • Inaccurate pathology evaluations
  • Cancers that were not detected
  • Medical laboratory mistakes
  • Blood test and tissue sample mix-ups, resulting in the wrong course of treatment
  • Negligent record keeping
  • Tainted samples
  • Misread Pap smears

We have the resources and experience needed to pursue these complex cases, and we will thoroughly examine and investigate all the facts of your situation. We are dedicated to obtaining full and fair compensation in injury cases and in wrongful death cases.

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