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Surgical Errors Archives

Medical device sales reps in surgery -- good or bad idea?

Medical devices are more sophisticated and intricate than ever before. What many patients and their families may not realize is that when they undergo surgery to have a medical device implanted, a sales representative who works for the device's manufacturer may be in the operating room observing, providing technical support to the surgeon and perhaps doing more than that.

Ohio-trained plastic surgeon faces suspension, probation

A plastic surgeon who studied medicine in Ohio has been suspended from practicing for a month incompetence and gross negligence involving four women, two of whom died, between 2013 and 2015. He received his medical license from Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine 1981 and was licensed in California in 1983.

Ohio lawsuit against medical manufacturer alleges negligence

Surgical implants are designed to save and improve lives, and thousands of devices help maintain health in outpatients every day. It is rare that devices fail or cause other health problems, but these problems must be solved in terms of medicine and liability alike.

Surgical souvenirs: Not the way you want to remember your surgery

Imagine having a routine hernia surgery. You wake up and assume that all has gone well, and your surgeon assures you that the procedure was a success. Your doctor says that you should expect some pain for a couple weeks but soon you'll be as good as new.

Do medical providers tell you if they make mistakes?

You know that you're under the care of a medical provider when you go into surgery, and you know they usually do their best to prevent medical errors. Still, if a medical error occurs, will you know? You'll be unconscious, so it's up to the surgeon to tell you. As a patient, that may make you feel out of control, and you're right to be concerned.

Who pays for injuries you suffer due to medical errors?

If a mistake is made at a hospital, who has to pay for your care and compensate you for what you've been through? It depends on the situations. If there is clear evidence of negligence, it's likely that the hospital, doctor or other staff members can be held accountable. If you suffered a side effect or complication that was expected, then your insurance or you may end up having to cover the costs.

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