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Hospital Negligence Archives

Hospital cleanliness and the patient experience

Hospitals are an important part of the medical industry, specifically for those who are suffering from emergency conditions or difficult illnesses. Millions of people visits hospitals across Ohio each year. The cleanliness of the hospitals is vital to the experience of the patient, especially when it comes to preventing infections.

Why do healthy people die after going to emergency rooms?

Roughly 20 percent of the individuals in the United States wind up in the emergency room every year. Research from The British Medical Journal found that the quality of care they receive varies widely depending upon where they go. It could even cost patients their lives.

Did your doctor discharge you too quickly?

Doctors face pressure from multiple sides to get patients discharged quickly from hospitals. The HMOs striving to cut costs to the bone, the hospital administrators seeking to free up beds and the patients themselves and their family members who want them back at home.

3 tips to see your doctor sooner than the average wait time

Average wait times, when looking for a doctor, can be enormous. In a lot of places, you could wait longer than two weeks - when stats from 15 large cities were combined, the average came in at 18.5 days. It can be even longer to see a specialist, with some people waiting about a month and a half.

Why should hospitals background check medical providers?

When you go to the hospital, you expect that the hospital did its due diligence in determining the safety records and backgrounds of its doctors, nurses and other staff members. If you get hurt and then find out that the background check was never performed or that the doctor had a long history of errors, you would have every right to be angry and to seek a claim for the hospital's negligence.

Nursing home abuse: There is more than just violence

It should go without saying that the elderly and vulnerable should be treated with compassion and respect, yet in some cases, they are not. Nursing home abuse is a serious concern for anyone placing a loved one in a nursing home. Around 3.2 million Americans live in nursing homes around the country, so many hundreds or thousands of people could be affected by abuse at any one time without the right precautions in place.

Can I sue if my parent developed bedsores in a hospital?

We place a great of trust in our medical care providers, so it is cause for alarm when someone we love suffers from an injury that modern medicine should make obsolete. If your parent went into a hospital for some form of treatment and developed bedsores, then you owe it to him or her and yourself to consider legal action.

Opiates could be the reason for sudden deaths after surgery

In a shocking study, it's been shown that more medical malpractice claims are being made for finding patients dead in their beds, according to a Dec. 22 news report. The story states that these deaths often involve those who have recently undergone a successful surgery and were moved to a room on a general floor for recovery. These individuals were judged to have the lowest risk of complications, yet they were being discovered dead within hours of the operation.

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