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Failure to Diagnose Archives

Gaps in nurses' knowledge fuels increases in maternal mortalities

A recent investigation was conducted to try to shed more light on why there have been increases in rates of maternal death in the United States. Researchers have found evidence to suggest that medical professionals are often too slow in identifying warning signs that new mothers are not healing as well as they should be following a birth.

Man sues for lack of withdrawal treatment in Cuyahoga County Jail

Many people who are sentenced to jail in Ohio and throughout the country are suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. When they're suddenly cut off from the substance(s) to which they're addicted, they can suffer serious withdrawal symptoms that need to be treated by trained medical professionals.

Woman sues hopsital; claims her leg was amputed due to negligence

In Ohio's neighboring state of West Virginia, a woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that Lifepoint Hospitals were negligent in her care, which ended up leading to her amputated leg. Other defendants in the case include two physicians and two physician's assistants.

How doctors are negligent by failing to treat a medical condition

When a patient receives treatment for a condition or disease that he or she does not have, the problem becomes twofold. First, the treatment that is not needed could cause harm to the patient. Second, the disease or condition the patient does have is not treated and could worsen.

Failure to diagnose flesh eating-bacteria leads to patient death

Last April, a 43-year-old man visited the Holzer Clinic complaining of fever, chills, congestion, body aches, headache and a cough. He had a 102.2 degree temperature. The doctor prescribed the man Tamiflu after tests for strep and influenza were negative. He was then released and sent home.

Why don't some patients get a diagnosis?

Most patients agree that a doctor's job is to find out what's wrong and to treat that condition if possible. When you go to a doctor, your simple question may be, "why am I dizzy?" or "Why does my stomach hurt?" Your doctor may focus on that single symptom, but he or she is also looking at other potential causes.

A delayed cancer diagnosis can put your child's life at risk

Failing to catch cancer early enough in its development can make it nearly impossible to eradicate, even using today's technology. It's not always easy to identify when a young adult has cancer. It's not typical to see cancer in such a young person, and that can mean that important signs and symptoms are dismissed by doctors.

Why is cancer often misdiagnosed?

Cancer is often misdiagnosed, putting patients' lives at risk. While many misdiagnoses have to do with the difficulty of finding cancer, some are caused by negligence of doctors. Failing to follow up with test results, confusing patient charts and other behaviors can lead to patients who suffer from progressing cancer when they should be getting treatment.

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