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Medical errors could lead to serious drug interactions

Patients tend to put a huge amount of trust in their doctors. They typically assume that any decision made by their doctor is above reproach and made with full understanding of the potential results and the best interests of the patient at heart. Sadly, in many facilities, modern medicine has become more focused on volume and profit than personal relationships and quality of care.

Do you understand the many types of nursing home abuse?

The thought of putting a loved one in a nursing home may not be something you want to think about. Unfortunately, there could come a point when you have no choice but to look into this. You know that your loved one needs round-the-clock care, and this is the best way for them to get it.

Can I sue my doctor if I get addicted to opioids?

In recent years, the prevalence of opioids in pain management has given way to what many pundits call an epidemic swallowing up large swaths of suburban and rural America. These drugs, which are highly addictive, came to patients who may or may not have needed them, and left many of them scrambling to keep their lives together.

Misdiagnosis of a delayed onset injuries is a serious risk

Maybe you're driving on a road you drive all the time, or maybe you're in unfamiliar territory. Suddenly, your good day takes a turn for the worse, and another car strikes you. At first, a thousand things run through your mind, but as the dust settles, you find that you weren't injured beyond some shaken nerves. In fact, other than some vehicle damage, it looks like both you and the other driver got lucky today.

Removal of the wrong testicle results in malpractice suit

You've probably seen it happen in movies or in television shows. A doctor in surgery realizes, too late, that they've removed the wrong limb. Often, this scenario is used for cheap, physical jokes. It isn't funny at all when it happens in real life. When you have a serious medical issue, you entrust your life and your future to the doctors who provide your medical care.

My doctor failed to diagnose my cancer: what to do

In the world of modern medicine, when cancer is detected early enough, Ohio medical practitioners can perform what people in the past would have considered a miracle. If doctors diagnose the cancer before it spreads or becomes untreatable, for example, many patients can expect a complete recovery.

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