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Woman says she got unnecessary hysterectomy, mastectomy

The problem of doctors failing to diagnose a medical condition, thereby causing patients months and sometimes years of unnecessary suffering, is a real one. Sometimes, by the time a condition is properly diagnosed, it's too late for effective treatment.

However, another problem, sometimes related, problem involves doctors wrongly diagnosing patients with conditions they don't have. As a result, they may perform unnecessary and invasive procedures that alter their lives forever.

One woman who says she was the victim of one of these horrific mistakes is taking her case to court and speaking out in the hope of helping others avoid her fate.

The 36-year-old woman says that after she underwent genetic testing, her doctor as well as a nurse practitioner told her that her genetic markers indicated she had a high risk for developing certain types of cancer.

As a preventative measure, she underwent a hysterectomy, at her doctor's recommendation, she says. Another doctor later performed a preventative double mastectomy.

When she developed complications later, she says that yet another doctor informed her that her genetic tests did not show the markers she'd been told she had, and that those surgical procedures had been unnecessary. The woman says she called the lab that did the tests and received confirmation that indeed the tests were negative.

The woman, who describes herself as "still devastated," says, "They robbed me of who I was." She is suing the two doctors and their medical practices as well as the nurse practitioner.

She's also on a mission to encourage others to take control of their health care and not simply trust what doctors tell you. One doctor, who works as a medical contributor for CBS News, agrees. He says, "Second opinions are critical. You have to take charge of your own data and actually look at the numbers and talk."

While no amount of money can fully rebuild a person's life in situations like this one, patients can and should determine as soon as possible what their potential legal remedies are.

State have statutes of limitations that designate how long a person can wait to file a medical malpractice charge. They also have caps on the maximum that can be awarded to plaintiffs. That's why it's essential to talk to an experienced Ohio medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible if you believe you have a case.

Source: CBS News, "Woman claiming unneeded mastectomy, hysterectomy: "They robbed me of who I was"," Oct. 26, 2017

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