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Doctor's impatience leads to permanent injuries for newborn

Could an impatient doctor cause your newborn permanent injuries and a lifetime of trouble?

That's exactly what happened to one child born in Pennsylvania when his mother's gynecologist rushed to use the forceps -- long before there was any necessity to do so.

When the infant's mother began to labor, everything progressed normally. However, once she was ready to push, the doctor attending the delivery gave the mother exactly one chance to push the baby out before grabbing the forceps and trying to pull the baby out.

There's no cause, so early in the stage of delivery, to resort to a tool that should only be used in emergencies when the baby or mother could be in danger.

Forceps are known to cause severe injuries -- anything from torn ears and scalp damage to internal bleeding and death.

When the first tug from the forceps didn't work, the doctor reapplied them and pulled 3 more times -- as hard as possible -- to get the baby out.

He succeeded, but the baby had obvious injuries to his face. Less obvious were the injuries to his brain -- the intracranial bleeding and the pressure on his brain as everything started to swell took a little longer to show.

Ultimately, the doctor admitted that forceps are never necessary at the first stage of labor -- but his admission does little for the child he permanently injured. The 5-year-old cannot express words, will never read, write or have any semblance of a normal life. He will eventually have to be institutionalized when he grows too big for his parents to effectively supervise him and control his emotional outbursts.

As a result, the judge in the malpractice case awarded $33 million the boy's future medical costs and additional awards for the loss of other potential benefits and pain and suffering for a total of $42 million. The judge held both the doctor and the facility -- a government-funded facility -- responsible for the boy's injuries and the family's losses.

Cases like this illustrate how important it is to sometimes take a case to court. If the losses are severe, you may need significant amounts of money to pay for the future care of your child -- money the insurance company won't pay without being forced. For more information on how to protect your family's rights after a birth injury, please visit our page.

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