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Woman sues hopsital; claims her leg was amputed due to negligence

In Ohio's neighboring state of West Virginia, a woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that Lifepoint Hospitals were negligent in her care, which ended up leading to her amputated leg. Other defendants in the case include two physicians and two physician's assistants.

In April 2015, a woman went to the emergency room at Logan General Hospital complaining of pain in her right foot. She was discharged and saw a physician's assistant at her doctor's office. Her complaints were pain and swelling in her right big toe. The physical exam showed that her toe was swollen and because of the pain, she was unable to move her toe very much. She was told that she would be better in a couple of days. She was diagnosed with gout and was given medication for treatment.

The plaintiff alleged that she called the doctor's office back when her pain continued to get worse. She was told to go to the emergency room. At the ER, her foot and toes were swollen and discolored and she was in excruciating pain. The ER doctor told her to get Lyrica from regular doctor and to quit taking the gout medication. The ER doctor then discharged her.

A couple of days later, she went to another hospital, where a severe blood clot was found in her right groin. She was transferred to another hospital and was put into a medically induced coma the next day. A stent was put in her right groin in order to take care of the blood clot. Heparin therapy was started to get rid of the clot so that her right foot could start getting blood again. Eight days later, though, her right foot and lower leg were amputated.

The lawsuit alleges that the negligence, recklessness, carelessness and deviation from the appropriate standard of care forced the woman to endure pain and suffering, mental anguish and direct and indirect economic losses. She is seeking compensatory damage and interest both pre- and post-judgment.

If you have suffered a worsened injury or illness due to a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and more. A lawyer will help you learn more about your legal options for pursing compensation.

Source: West Virginia Record, "Woman sues Lifepoint Hospitals for medical malpractice," Kyla Asbury, June 13, 2017

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