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June 2017 Archives

Which medication errors are most dangerous?

There are many ways that a medical care provider can make a mistake with disastrous, or even fatal, consequences. For many patients, what should be a relatively routine treatment can turn dangerous or deadly because of medication errors. Medication errors account for around 1.3 million injuries each year in the United States alone, making it a very real threat to anyone receiving regular or emergency medical care.

Removal of the wrong testicle results in malpractice suit

You've probably seen it happen in movies or in television shows. A doctor in surgery realizes, too late, that they've removed the wrong limb. Often, this scenario is used for cheap, physical jokes. It isn't funny at all when it happens in real life. When you have a serious medical issue, you entrust your life and your future to the doctors who provide your medical care.

Woman sues hopsital; claims her leg was amputed due to negligence

In Ohio's neighboring state of West Virginia, a woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that Lifepoint Hospitals were negligent in her care, which ended up leading to her amputated leg. Other defendants in the case include two physicians and two physician's assistants.

How doctors are negligent by failing to treat a medical condition

When a patient receives treatment for a condition or disease that he or she does not have, the problem becomes twofold. First, the treatment that is not needed could cause harm to the patient. Second, the disease or condition the patient does have is not treated and could worsen.

Why do healthy people die after going to emergency rooms?

Roughly 20 percent of the individuals in the United States wind up in the emergency room every year. Research from The British Medical Journal found that the quality of care they receive varies widely depending upon where they go. It could even cost patients their lives.

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