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Symptoms of birth injuries in Ohio

Birth injuries can be avoided, but there are instances where issues develop, especially if injuries are not treated immediately. Sometimes the injuries can be seen or found immediately, while other times the symptoms don't show until quite some time after birth. Here are common symptoms of birth injuries in Ohio.

Some of the most common symptoms that appear immediately in birth injuries include the following:

- Vomiting and nausea

- Seizures

- Sensitivity to light

- Breathlessness

- Grunting

- High-pitched crying

- Arched back while crying

- Lethargy

- Problems eating, swallowing and sucking

Health-related symptoms that might be an indicator of birth injuries include the following:

- Fever

- Vision changes

- Anemia

- Dizziness

- Poor weight gain

- Constipation

- Jaundice

- Wheezing

- Hypertension

- High-frequency hearing loss

- Low heart rate

- Inflamed nasal passages

- Low blood oxygen levels

- Paleness

Physical symptoms that could indicate a birth injury has incurred include the following:

- Favoring one side of the body

- Absent or weak reflexes

- Spasms

- Claw-like shape of the hands

- Writhing

- Muscle looseness or stiffness

- Hand and/or arm is bent towards the body

- Fractures of the skull

- Hairy patch on the back

In some birth injury cases, the signs or symptoms do not become present until the child is supposed to be hitting development milestones or begins attending school. Many parents notice issues when their child is around other children. Some developmental milestones a child with birth injuries might not hit include the following:

- Turning head to find a noise

- Holding head up on his or her own

- Crawling

- Babbling

- Starting to say words

- Learning to walk

- Knowing his or her age and how to say name

- Can climb stairs without assistance

- Can stand on one foot for prolonged period

If your child is suffering from birth injuries, contact our firm today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your child's rights in Toledo, Ohio.

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