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Surgical souvenirs: Not the way you want to remember your surgery

Imagine having a routine hernia surgery. You wake up and assume that all has gone well, and your surgeon assures you that the procedure was a success. Your doctor says that you should expect some pain for a couple weeks but soon you'll be as good as new.

You go home, and yes, you did feel a lot of pain. After a couple days, though, the pain didn't get better, it got worse. Pretty soon, your abdomen is cramping so badly, that you can hardly eat and you're terrified that something may have gone horribly wrong in your surgery. You contact your physician and after a quick exam and x-ray, you notice that your doctor looks concerned and he tells you that you need immediate surgery to investigate the situation. As it turns out, your initial surgery was not a success. Your doctor left a surgical sponge inside your abdomen.

When doctors leave medical tools and implements behind in a patient's body, the medical error is referred to as a "surgical souvenir." This is clearly not the way any Ohio resident will want to remember his or her surgical experience, but incidents like these are more common than you might readily wish to believe.

Were you injured due to mistakes made by your surgeon? If you came home from surgery worse off than before the procedure, you might be able to seek financial claims against the parties at fault for your injuries. At the Law Offices of Gary Osborn & Associates, our legal team is available to evaluate your potential medical malpractice claim and advise you of your legal rights and options.

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