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My doctor failed to diagnose my cancer: what to do

In the world of modern medicine, when cancer is detected early enough, Ohio medical practitioners can perform what people in the past would have considered a miracle. If doctors diagnose the cancer before it spreads or becomes untreatable, for example, many patients can expect a complete recovery.

Nevertheless, there are many cases in Ohio where doctors miss the telltale signs of cancer and other serious ailments. Perhaps your doctor failed to diagnose breast cancer before it metastasized into an uncontrollable and deadly disease beyond the scope of current treatment options. Delayed or failed diagnosis errors like this have lead to grave health consequences and even death in many cases.

When a doctor fails to diagnose an illness

In the case of a delayed or failed diagnosis, disease conditions can become far worse than they otherwise should have. In these situations, an Ohio court may deem that the responsible doctors were negligent and liable for the injuries and damages that result.

The main issue in a delayed or failed diagnosis case is this: Would a reasonably prudent physician have properly diagnosed the patient given the patient's symptoms, circumstances and other information available?

The importance of the "differential diagnosis" list

When diagnosing a patient, doctors must list different probable diagnoses for the patient. They will make this list by ranking the potential diagnoses according to the probability of correctness.

A sign of a failed could be the doctor's failure to list the true diagnosis on his "differential diagnosis" list. Alternatively, if a doctor listed it but failed to perform additional testing to rule out the possibility, it could also be a sign that a diagnosis failure occurred.

Did your doctor fail to diagnose your condition?

Whether you or your loved one has been harmed as a result of a failed diagnosis, it may be helpful to discuss the extent and circumstances of your injuries with a qualified medical malpractice lawyer. Your lawyer can advise you of your legal rights, and the most appropriate steps you can take to seek financial restitution for the harm that has occurred.

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