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Do medical providers tell you if they make mistakes?

You know that you're under the care of a medical provider when you go into surgery, and you know they usually do their best to prevent medical errors. Still, if a medical error occurs, will you know? You'll be unconscious, so it's up to the surgeon to tell you. As a patient, that may make you feel out of control, and you're right to be concerned.

Surgeons should tell you if something goes wrong. In fact, there are national guidelines that recommend full disclosure in the event of a medical mistake. Despite this, studies have shown that only around 55 percent of surgeons surveyed had ever discussed the error and if it was preventable with patients or apologized for the mistakes.

How does disclosing errors affect the surgeons? Those who don't talk about the errors are more likely to be negatively affected, according to researchers. Surgeons who were more negative about having to disclose errors were also more anxious about making disclosures, even after the disclosure was over.

It's generally accepted that patients have a right to know if something goes wrong during surgery. Patients should receive disclosure as well as an apology, in the opinions of many. While some facilities are transparent with patients, not all are. That's what leads to problems.

As a patient, you should know if you've suffered unexpected complications during surgery. You need to be told if errors have injured you and if you'll need additional surgery or ongoing treatment. Your attorney can help if you find that you were not informed of a mistake that your medical provider made.

Source: CBS News, "Would a surgeon tell you if something went wrong during your operation?," Mary Brophy Marcus, accessed March 28, 2017

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