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Ohio couple awarded millions for hospital, doctor errors

If you go through a pregnancy only to have a doctor's error harm your child at birth, you have every right to want to have answers and to seek out compensation. Your child may need years of treatment to recover or could have permanent injuries.

When accidents or negligence take place, you can file a lawsuit, much like this couple did. A couple has been awarded $14.5 million in a lawsuit in which they claim that a doctor and the hospital where their son was born was negligent during the child's birth. They state that the little boy was born at Clearfield Hospital in 2012. The mother and her partner claim that the doctor ordered the use of a drug called Pitocin to augment the woman's difficult labor. The drug caused contractions that limited the oxygen supply to the boy's brain, according to their claims.

Due to the use of the medication, the child's parents claim he now suffers from cerebral palsy and catastrophic disabilities. Despite the fact that there were signs of the baby's distress, their lawsuit claims that no action was taken to help the child. Both the hospital and doctor claim that the care the woman received were within medical standards.

The lawsuit went through a two-week trial in January 2017. The jury determined that the hospital was 40 percent responsible for the child's injuries, while the doctor was 60 percent responsible. The verdict itself states that $1 million of the award is for the child's potential wage loss during his lifetime. Additionally, $2 million was awarded for pain, suffering and the loss of the child's ability to fully enjoy his life. The remainder of the award is for medical expenses, since the child will need medical care for his entire life.

Source: Altoona Mirror, "Couple awarded $14.5M in lawsuit," Phil Ray, Feb. 01, 2017

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