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Does a doctor's attitude matter? Studies say yes

No one wants to talk to a surgeon or doctor who makes them feel bad or has little compassion for their situation. Still, surgeons like this exist. Does it really matter if a doctor has a good bedside manner? Many signs point to yes.

If surgeons are rude in the operating room, it could be a bad sign. According to a news report from Feb. 15, surgeons who are rude to their patients and others around them could be problematic during operations. Their unprofessional behavior can lead to complications during surgery and problems among the staff.

Why is it important how a doctor or surgeon acts? Complications have actually been found to be more common among patients who are operated on by doctors with previous patient complaints. Those complaints, which reference the surgeons' behaviors, range from receiving unsolicited phone calls to having a doctor speak to patients or their families rudely. Statistics show that post-surgical issues are 14 percent more likely for patients who go to a surgeon who has had at least 14 complaints against him or her in the last two years.

The lead author of the study states it's important for patients to speak out about unprofessional behavior. A surgeon's rudeness could affect the outcome in the surgery for a number of reasons. The surgeon could be distracting or hurtful to those he or she works with, distracting them during the operation, or his or her behavior may be so off-putting that no quality colleague wants to work with him or her.

If you receive poor care because of a doctor's actions, you have a right to complain and seek a claim. Your health is of the utmost importance, and a medical provider needs to do all he or she can to keep you healthy.

Source: WFJM, "Surgeons rude to patients may pose problem in OR, study says," Lindsey Tanner, Feb. 15, 2017

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