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February 2017 Archives

10 signs of nursing home neglect and abuse

Putting your parent into a nursing home isn't an easy decision. You understand that your parent needs more care than you can provide, but you still wish that there were another way to for mom or dad to get it. Making sure you choose the best option for your parent is a priority. When you are visiting facilities, think about these 10 signs of nursing home abuse and neglect so that you can avoid homes in which you notice these conditions.

Nursing home abuse: There is more than just violence

It should go without saying that the elderly and vulnerable should be treated with compassion and respect, yet in some cases, they are not. Nursing home abuse is a serious concern for anyone placing a loved one in a nursing home. Around 3.2 million Americans live in nursing homes around the country, so many hundreds or thousands of people could be affected by abuse at any one time without the right precautions in place.

Ohio couple awarded millions for hospital, doctor errors

If you go through a pregnancy only to have a doctor's error harm your child at birth, you have every right to want to have answers and to seek out compensation. Your child may need years of treatment to recover or could have permanent injuries.

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