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Who pays for injuries you suffer due to medical errors?

If a mistake is made at a hospital, who has to pay for your care and compensate you for what you've been through? It depends on the situations. If there is clear evidence of negligence, it's likely that the hospital, doctor or other staff members can be held accountable. If you suffered a side effect or complication that was expected, then your insurance or you may end up having to cover the costs.

It can be hard to prove that anything went wrong during a hospital visit unless there is clear evidence, like a bottle with the wrong medications, video evidence of a nurse never giving you medications or recognition by the doctors or nurses that something went wrong during a surgery. That doesn't mean that you can't prove that something went wrong or that you've been a victim of negligence or medical errors, but there may be other ways to pursue compensation or help first.

When there is no solid proof of negligence, the first thing you have the option of doing is talking to the doctor and hospital administration. The hospital and staff may want to work with you to correct what went wrong or to alleviate your concerns. At the end of the day, no one wants to see your health suffer.

Sometimes, if you suffer an injury at the hands of the hospital staff, you can talk to your own insurance company and have the company put pressure on the hospital to correct what's gone wrong or to compensate you. Of course, if these methods don't work, then you can speak to your attorney about further options.

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