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Testing could show development issues in premature babies

When a baby is born prematurely, he or she still has lots of growing to do. Life outside the womb can be dangerous for one so small, but a magnetic resonance image, or MRI, could help. According to a Jan. 18 news report, MRIs may be able to help guide the neurological care of premature babies and help identify developmental issues.

Giving a baby an MRI scan right after birth can help doctors see if the baby has suffered a brain injury during birth. Additionally, it can help identify the specific injuries that could occur in the white matter of the brain.

It's common for the white matter to be damaged when the blood pressure that normally varies significantly in a premature child fluctuates. The blood pressure changes can result in the child suffering from low oxygen levels or could cause a lack of blood in the brain.

White matter injuries also happen because of infections and inflammation. An MRI can identify the swelling, making it easier for doctors to treat the condition before it impacts the child further.

The study reviewing the benefit of MRIs showed that premature babies who suffer damage to the white matter in the frontal lobes are most likely to suffer developmental issues later.

This new treatment plan could help your child if he or she is born early. If your child suffered as a result of a lack of tests, you could be able to seek a medical malpractice claim against the offending hospital, doctors and nurses. Your child was born early and deserves all the best care.

Source: HealthDay, "MRIs Might Help Guide Preemies' Neurological Care," Dennis Thompson, Jan. 18, 2017

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