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A failed diagnosis can cost you your life or leave you suffering

A failed or erroneous diagnosis can put your life at risk. It's important for every nurse or doctor to take your symptoms seriously and to rule out the most serious risks first.

With a medical misdiagnosis, you may have the opportunity to file a lawsuit. You'll need to show that your injury or disease worsened as a result of the delay and misdiagnosis. Most doctors are taught to use differential diagnoses, which means they should be creating treatment plans based on the order of probability that you're suffering from a certain condition. If a doctor failed to test for a condition you have obvious symptoms for or does not rule out conditions that fit the differential diagnoses possible, you could have a case of medical malpractice on your hands.

Another possible cause of malpractice is if you're diagnosed with a condition you don't have and are treated erroneously. This could happen by receiving the incorrect test results or because of a doctor dismissing symptoms he or she does not see as significant. For example, a small pain in your side after an operation might be an indication of surgical site pain, but it could also signify that your stitches are not dissolving correctly or that there is another problem. Your medical provider should be careful to consider your symptoms and look at all the possible causes.

It's not fair to suffer because of a doctor's negligence. Your life could be forever altered because of a simple decision your doctor did not make. You may be able to pursue compensation. Our website has more information.

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