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December 2016 Archives

Opiates could be the reason for sudden deaths after surgery

In a shocking study, it's been shown that more medical malpractice claims are being made for finding patients dead in their beds, according to a Dec. 22 news report. The story states that these deaths often involve those who have recently undergone a successful surgery and were moved to a room on a general floor for recovery. These individuals were judged to have the lowest risk of complications, yet they were being discovered dead within hours of the operation.

Has your parent been harmed by a bad diagnosis or treatment?

Any doctor who is willing to be honest and personally vulnerable will admit that there are many ways that treatment can take an ugly turn due to human error. While the medical community has made amazing advances in the last several decades, medical personnel are still only people, and people inevitably make mistakes.

What is perinatal asphyxia and how is it caused?

Birth injures are tragic and often unexpected. Parents are left with the realization that their children may need specialized care for life because of a simple mistake or error that could have been prevented. One kind of birth injury that is particularly harmful to a child is known as perinatal asphyxia.

Why is it important to discuss all medications with a doctor?

Medical errors made during pregnancy can result in serious complications or problems with birthing or the child him or herself. While it's nearly impossible to know the true number of medication and medical errors made during pregnancies, there is no denying the impact those errors can have.

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