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A delayed cancer diagnosis can put your child's life at risk

Failing to catch cancer early enough in its development can make it nearly impossible to eradicate, even using today's technology. It's not always easy to identify when a young adult has cancer. It's not typical to see cancer in such a young person, and that can mean that important signs and symptoms are dismissed by doctors.

What happens in cases where patients aren't being taken seriously about symptoms or cases when doctors dismiss cancer as a possibility is that those patients risk getting much more seriously ill before any real diagnosis is made. Instead of catching cancer in stage I or II, they might find it in stage III or IV. In some cases, stage IV diagnoses are considered to be terminal and may not be treatable, even though the prognosis would have been good earlier on with proper treatment.

Doctors are aware that younger adults, teens and children can get various kinds of cancer, but despite this, they tend to go undiagnosed for longer than adults would. Even with telltale signs of the disease, doctors sometimes try to explain away the symptoms instead of seeing what's in front of them. This is why it's so important for doctors to treat every patient equally; if a teen complains of swollen lymph nodes and unusual fatigue, take a blood test or biopsy. It's worth ruling out a much more serious condition than dismissing it and expect the issue to go away on its own.

If your son or daughter has suffered, or if you've waited too long for the correct diagnosis, it's important to understand if you've been a victim of malpractice. If so, you could be entitled to compensation and coverage for the cost of your treatments. Our website has more information.

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