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November 2016 Archives

A delayed cancer diagnosis can put your child's life at risk

Failing to catch cancer early enough in its development can make it nearly impossible to eradicate, even using today's technology. It's not always easy to identify when a young adult has cancer. It's not typical to see cancer in such a young person, and that can mean that important signs and symptoms are dismissed by doctors.

Prescription errors can leave you with injuries

Prescription mistakes can be some of the most devastating; sometimes patients don't realize that they've taken the wrong dosage or that the pills they received weren't the right medication at all. Prescription mistakes can happen when a doctor prescribes the wrong drug or when a pharmacist fills the wrong one.

Malpractice claim denied due to statute of limitations in Ohio

If you're injured in a hospital or because of the negligence of a doctor, it's important to file a medical malpractice claim as soon as possible. If you don't, you could run into a situation like this one, where a man's time ran out to file and his claim is no longer valid.

Surgical errors are preventable; you deserve to be compensated

Surgeons sometimes make mistakes during surgery, and although there are safeties in place to protect patients, they don't always work. The surgeon might operate on the wrong part of your body or even operate on someone with the same or similar name as you. You might take the wrong medication, or the doctor might not give you information on what to do once you go home. That information is important; if you don't know how to take care of yourself, then you might not know what complications or problems to look for.

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