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Family awarded $11.75 million for child's birth injuries

The last thing anyone wants is for a child to be hurt during delivery. Unfortunately, some doctors and hospitals mismanage patient care, and that can lead to life-altering consequences.

A jury has awarded $11.75 million to the parents of a little boy who suffered a severe brain injury at birth. According to the story, he, now 9 years old, was not breathing when he was born. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and developmental delays as a result.

The lawsuit, which was filed by his parents, states that the doctor, nurses and hospital did not accurately read fetal monitoring tapes or react to the boy's mother's contractions correctly. The parents claimed that the doctor and hospital staff mismanaged the induction of labor and failed to report an accurate status of the woman's labor throughout its progression.

As a result of the errors made, the lawsuit claims that the child suffered permanent and irreversible brain damage. He will need ongoing medical care and be unlikely to care for himself or to live on his own in the future.

Following a four-week trial in Miami County, the jury found that Upper Valley Medical Center was 70 percent responsible for the injuries to the boy. The doctor was 30 percent liable for the injuries the child suffered. This finding led to the award, which should cover many of the costs associated with the boy's care now and in the future. The same could be true with your case; it's important to file as soon as possible to avoid running out of time to do so.

Source: Troy Daily News, "Jury awards $11.75 million in damages," Oct. 07, 2016

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