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4 die from severe infections following life-saving operations

When you go to the hospital for an operation, you expect that the tools used will be sterile, that the operating room will be sanitary and sterilized and that the people working on you will take pride in cleanliness. When a hospital allows sanitation procedures to fall out of focus, it sets up a dangerous situation for patients receiving life-saving surgeries.

A hospital in Pittsburgh is set to pay a family in Ohio for the death of a woman it was treating. The woman, a 27-year-old, was being treated at the hospital and received a heart transplant. While this was a source of relief for the family, all was not as it seemed. Unfortunately, mold in the hospital led to patients, including this woman, suffering from fungal infections. This young woman died in June 2015 from the infection she was exposed to during the operation and time she spent hospitalized.

She is not the first person to die due to this infection at the hospital, pointing out a significant length of time where patients were exposed. A 47-year-old woman also passed away after a heart transplant in the same facility. Following the transplant, she suffered a fungal infection while she was in the hospital. That infection led to her death on Oct. 1, 2014.

The two women were treated in the same room and were two of four patients who suffered from infections following surgery. All four passed away from complications related to the fungus.

Situations like this shouldn't take place at hospitals, and the lack of oversight can lead to medical malpractice cases. In this case, the woman's family is receiving $1.35 million, but that won't replace the life lost.

Source: The Columbus Dispatch, "Pittsburgh hospital to pay $1.35 million over Groveport woman’s death," Ben Schmitt, Sep. 07, 2016

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