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What types of mistakes can happen during surgery?

If you are scheduled for a surgical procedure in the near future, it goes without saying that you may be a bit nervous about what the future will bring. While most people are able to go through surgery without any issues, others run into complications.

Unfortunately, some surgical complications occur because of mistakes made by medical professionals. Below are some of the many types of errors that can happen during surgery:

-- Infection. This is one of the biggest risks of surgery, with many patients developing an infection after their procedure.

-- Retained foreign object. This is exactly what it sounds like — an object is left inside the patient following a surgery.

-- Medication error. Surgical procedures are accompanied by medication prescribed and administered by physicians or other medical personnel. If the wrong medication or dosage is given to patients, the complications may be life-threatening..

-- Wrong site surgery. As farfetched as it sounds, there are times when a surgeon performs a procedure on the wrong part of the patient's body.

-- Wrong patient surgery. It's not common, but it's possible for doctors to mix up patients.

These are but a few of the different types of medical mistakes that can happen during or after surgery. As you can see, all of these are extremely dangerous.

If you have been injured or have become ill due to a mistake by your medical team, it's time to learn more about what went wrong in the event that you decide to pursue legal action. From there, find a new doctor who can review your case and give you a strategy for making a recovery.

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