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DoseEdge technology can help prevent errors in prescribing

When medical errors take place, real people get hurt; some people are killed. It's the job of medical facilities and their staff members to make sure people aren't injured by unnecessary mistakes or preventable adverse drug events.

While they shouldn't happen, adverse events do still happen today because of simple mistakes throughout the compounding and delivery process. According to an August 12 article, DoseEdge recently identified over three million preventable adverse drug events; the program, DoseEdge Pharmacy Workflow Manager, is used to alert physicians and others working with medications before they administer inaccurate drugs to patients.

This program uses bar code technology throughout the process of compounding a drug and dispensing it. Each step of the way, ingredients have to be scanned; this helps identify items that shouldn't be going into the medication before they're accidentally mixed in. It can also integrate in with devices that track final dose weight and cameras, so it can tell if the medication is accurate.

Physicians may also scan the drug before administering it, which has, the article claims, prevented the incorrect drug from being administered to the wrong patient. It's claimed that close to 40 percent of all errors caught by DoseEdge since 2008 are due to discovering the use of the wrong drug.

If you've ever suffered from being given the wrong medication, you may wonder why not all hospitals or clinics use this technology. It may not yet be in place there, or perhaps it isn't integrated. That's no excuse for your suffering, for which you can file a legal claim.

Source: Pharmacy Practice News, "DoseEdge Identifies >3 Million Preventable Adverse Drug Events," Aug. 12, 2016

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