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August 2016 Archives

What types of mistakes can happen during surgery?

If you are scheduled for a surgical procedure in the near future, it goes without saying that you may be a bit nervous about what the future will bring. While most people are able to go through surgery without any issues, others run into complications.

Director without psychology license makes bad diagnoses in Ohio

It's hard to deal with a life-changing diagnosis. Patients start to make decisions about their future plans, family roles and how they're going to move forward. As much as a relief it can be to find out a diagnosis was incorrect, it can also be devastating to find out a doctor or medical provider was negligent. In this case, a woman was left with an uncertain future when she was given an Alzheimer's diagnosis.

3 question to ask your doctor before a procedure

Science and medicine have made many breakthroughs in health care over the years, but doctors and other medical providers are not infallible. Whether it's a missed diagnosis, failure to cross-check medications for interactions or a botched surgery, medical errors can affect the patients for the rest of their lives. Making sure you have a thorough and complete understanding of any procedures, tests or prescribed medications can help you feel more in control of your health. Here are five questions to ask your doctor.

DoseEdge technology can help prevent errors in prescribing

When medical errors take place, real people get hurt; some people are killed. It's the job of medical facilities and their staff members to make sure people aren't injured by unnecessary mistakes or preventable adverse drug events.

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