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Infant cephalohematoma and malpractice

Delivering a child is a singular, defining human experience, often associated with great joy and possibility. Instances of the birthed infant being injured in the birthing process have decreased significantly over the last several decades, but birth injuries do still occur. One rare example of a possible birth injury is infant cephalohematoma, and this condition can sometimes lead to a medical malpractice claim.

An infant cephalohematoma is clotted blood within tissue that occurs on the head of an infant. Thankfully this is a rarely occurring injury, usually appearing in about one percent of all births, generally owed to personnel employing birth-assistance tools when delivering the infant. Although it is a fairly minor injury, it can become a serious injury if not addressed properly.

If left untreated, such an injury can lead to anemia and jaundice in the infant. Although infant cephalohematoma can be easily treated, it can be difficult to identify in a timely manner. Since the injury is generally associated with medical personnel using forceps or other birthing tools which grasp and sometimes harm the head of the infant, this injury can sometimes necessitate a medical malpractice suit in order to be resolved fairly.

No parents would ever want their infant to begin life with an injury due to birth complications, and certainly no parents would ever want for their infant to receive substandard care in the event of a birth injury. The representation of an experienced medical malpractice attorney can help protect your family’s rights and ensure that your child receives best care for a birth injury.

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