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You can seek compensation for a misdiagnosis

When you're given tests at a medical facility, you want to know that the results you get are accurate. Sometimes, labs confuse test results or they're misread, and that leads to a misdiagnosis. It's for this reason that it's important for you to get a second opinion on any test results that are important in your life.

Each year, around 1.5 million American women get a breast biopsy to look for a diagnosis for their concerns. Unfortunately, less than 50 percent of the diagnoses are actually accurate when atypical ductal hyperplasia should have been discovered. When this condition is misdiagnosed, overtreatment or even undertreatment can injure or be fatal to a patient.

Atypical hyperplassia is a high-risk precancerous condition that can often be identified if a specialist is present, but it's not easy. Sadly, if it's not taken seriously or treated, it can lead to breast cancer that can be fatal to the woman. In most cases, experts are able to diagnose invasive carcinomas, but only around 48 percent of cases of atypical hyperplasia were identified.

Because it can be difficult to correctly diagnose this condition, patients should know to get a second opinion, and even a third, if they're concerned. It could be a life-saving choice.

If you've been hurt because of a misdiagnosis or have lost a loved one because of this situation, you're not alone. Our website has more information on medical errors and what to do if you've suffered because of one. With the right support, you can seek the compensation you deserve, so you can move on with your life without struggling financially.

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