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Four common, but often avoidable, birth injuries

If you are expecting a child, you rightfully assume that it should be a happy and exciting period in your life.

Sadly, for some people, the excitement and happiness quickly fades due to several medical conditions that can cause serious (or even fatal) injuries to the mother or child. Unfortunately, many of these conditions could be avoided if physicians, nurses and other staff would provide competent medical care.

Some of the most common and preventable birth injuries include:

· Brain injuries. This type of injury often occurs during birth due to a lack of oxygen to the child. Lack of oxygen can occur if the umbilical cord becomes compressed by the child, due to a failure to properly monitor the child before birth. In other cases, brain injuries can happen if a C-section is not timely performed if the situation warrants it. Failing to do this has been linked to cerebral palsy.

· Facial paralysis. During delivery, the facial nerves can be damaged if too much pressure is put on the face. This can be caused by the improper use of forceps and vacuum extraction tools. In the most serious cases, this can cause the child to become totally paralyzed on the affected side of his or her face.

· Broken bones. Bones can become fractured during delivery if a doctor uses force to pull a shoulder through during a difficult delivery. Additionally, the improper use of forceps and vacuum extraction tools can also cause this injury.

· Shoulder Dystocia. This injury can occur after the baby's head has been delivered, but the shoulder becomes caught behind the pubic bone. Unless proper steps are taken, this can eventually lead to brain damage from a loss of oxygen to the child. Additionally, if the baby is pulled too hard, the brachial plexus can be damaged, which controls the movement of the arms and hands, leading to Erb's palsy.

Experienced a birth injury? Get legal assistance

Any significant birth injury can mean that expensive lifelong medical care and rehabilitation for the child is necessary. As a result, it is wise to consult with the experienced medical malpractice attorneys at the Law Offices of Gary Osborne & Associates. Our attorneys can investigate your case, determine whether medical negligence was the cause of the injuries and work on your behalf to recover all compensation you are due under law.

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