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Common myths regarding people in nursing homes include the following: they are bound to die sometime soon; they have no significant value to their families; and it is normal for accidents to happen from time to time resulting in unexpected death.

In fact, people who enter nursing homes do so with the expectation that their health and well-being will be protected by their caregivers. Elderly or not, disabled or not, residents of a nursing home or an assisted living facility deserve the same kind of high-quality care as all persons under the care of professionals.

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Death And Serious Injuries To The Most Vulnerable

Nursing home residents sometimes die as a result of preventable circumstances, including:

  • Bed railings were not left up despite a specific request, or clear risk — and a resident died of a fall after rolling off the bed.
  • The nursing home was understaffed to the point that no caregiver was available to help when an elderly resident was in distress.
  • Nursing home attendants' failure to monitor a resident resulted in their choking death or another preventable accident.
  • The resident died of an infection such as sepsis stemming from a bed sore or pressure sore that came about through negligent care.
  • The resident suffered from and died of a preventable condition like dehydration or malnourishment/malnutrition.

If your loved one died because of nursing home negligence or abuse, you may be eligible to seek compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

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