Surgery Malpractice Lawyers

Patients often form bonds of trust with the doctors who are working hard to bring them relief from physical ailments through surgery, medication, or therapy. When a physician makes a mistake, a patient's first inclination may be not to want to "sue the doctor."

However, when a medical error committed by a surgeon or other healthcare provider results in serious harm, a victim may have little choice but to seek financial relief for those injuries by way of a malpractice claim or lawsuit. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or loss of life because of a surgical error, you may be eligible to seek compensation for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, disability, and pain and suffering.

Free Consultation To Get Your Questions Answered About Your Surgery Injury

Contact an experienced Toledo, Ohio, lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation if you have been seriously injured or if a family member has died as a possible result of such operating room errors as:

  • Surgical instruments were left behind in the patient's body.
  • A surgeon allowed a patient to have surgery when that patient had high-risk factors that should have precluded surgery as an option.
  • The surgeon did not adequately explain the risks or engage in a discussion that would let the patient give truly informed consent.
  • The wrong body part (such as the wrong leg, arm, breast, testicle or eye) was operated on.
  • Adjacent organs such as bowels or the ureter were injured when a surgeon's knife slipped.
  • Perforation of bowels occurred during a colonoscopy, resulting in bowel breakdown and causing sepsis after leakage into the abdomen.
  • Improper tying off of the ureter during a hysterectomy caused kidney problems.
  • Complications occurred because of incorrect performance of weight control procedures like laparoscopic surgery, bariatric surgery or gastric bypass.
  • Breast reconstruction after mastectomy was botched, resulting in misshapen breasts and lingering pain.

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At the Ohio medical malpractice law firm of Gary Osborne & Associates, our attorneys have been investigating and litigating surgical malpractice, medication error and birth injury cases for more than 30 years. We seek out the best available experts from throughout the country to review potential claims to determine whether our clients are eligible for compensation.